Odor D-fense Aluminum-free Deodorant for Men

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An aluminum-free liquid deodorant made with beneficial ingredients such as aloe vera, witch hazel, baking soda and mineral salt to naturally combat a broad spectrum of odor-causing bacteria….and it really works! This unique, ph-balanced formula conditions your skin as it works effectively to provide a safe and non-irritating alternative to chemical deodorants without leaving any residue. Contains a special blend of botanical extracts and odor-fighting essential oils that will leave you smelling fresh, clean and wonderful too! 100% Vegan, paraben-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free and our #1 selling product!

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Men's Deodorant
Written by Greg Kelly on Jul 21st 2024

I have been using this product for years! It is by far the best mens deodorant on the market.

Written by Greg Kelly on Jul 1st 2023

I have been using this deodorant for many years. There is nothing like it in the market place!

Odor D-Fense
Written by Renee on Feb 20th 2022

Good stuff. It actually works. Most of the natural stuff works in the beginning and then stops working after my body gets used to it. But this has been working for over a year. I've bought both the men's and women's formulas and they both are great. One thing to note is, they are not oily and do not leave stains on my clothes!

Highly recommended!
Written by Cristina on May 21st 2020

I'm writing this review for my husband who has been using it since 2016. Initially, he felt that he wasn't getting the coverage he needed all day but with my encouragement he continued for 6 months. Now, he's hooked and loves the product! He even tried a local natural deodorant when we moved to Washington State but it wasn't the same. What he loves about the product - provides all day coverage, does not sting his skin, he no longer gets the bumpy red rash and it doesn't have an overwhelming scent. A bottle lasts about 3 months.

Written by briannaharris33@gmail.com on Jan 23rd 2017

I've been using this men's deodorant for over two years. I'm passionate about natural products and this one delivers. No stains, keeps me smelling fresh and the bottle lasts for almost 6 months. I did notice it wears off quickly while wearing synthetic fibers but I figure that's a hint to work on removing those from my wardrobe. Love the product - Thanks

Great Deodorant
Written by Luis Salas on Jan 3rd 2017

Great natural deodorant. Love the smell of it. It doesn't pit my shirts and it keeps me dry. Sometimes I have to reapply like twice a day but I assume that's natural.

ONLY deodorant that works for me!!!
Written by jim zaremba on Dec 16th 2016

i will not use aluminum products because they cause a yellow stain on my shirts. i have NEVER until now found a deodorant that prevented smell and wetness for me. this works and i am nuts about it. please, never go out of business and never change the formulation!

Written by Anth on Sep 14th 2016

Having tried countless other natural deodorants --this one is, without question, the best. clear - not sticky- dries quickly ---AND LASTS!!! If this doesn't work for you ...you need a doctor, not deodorant.

Favorite Deo Stick!
Written by Max Schlecht on Feb 1st 2016

I have been using this deo stick since almost a year now and I must say it never let me down so far. I really like it because it does not smell artificial. Also it does not stain your clothes with anything. This bottle almost lasts me 6 months! Will definitely be back for some more ! :)

Written by Daldinger on Aug 3rd 2015

I purchased this deodorant to see if it lasted longer than the women's version. For me personally it did, but it was too manly smelling. My husband began using it and really likes it. I find the combination of essential oils intoxicating. It's such a manly smell!

best deodorant, EVER!
Written by Tim on Jul 13th 2015

Truth is... I've tried them all- from Old Spice as a teen (which burned my arm pits) to Tom's, Jason's, all the "natural" and "organic" ones, and NONE work as well as Odor D-Fence! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS AWESOME PRODUCT!!!

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